About HappYouth

Happiness is defined as a good life, freedom from suffering, prosperity, pleasure, joy and flourishing well-being.

HappYouth is a 3-year initiative by Character and Leadership Academy that aims to spread happiness to youths, by youths. Centred around the pressing issue of depression amongst youths, HappYouth wants to provide youths with the knowledge of understanding stress and depression, provide skills to mentor other youths that may suffer from depression or display early symptoms of depression, and curb youth depression and suicide rates globally by raising awareness amongst youths and their parents.

The initiative consist of assembly programmes, road shows and workshops organised in school and public spaces to raise awareness of the condition and symptoms of depression, as well as the avenues for help available.

If you know youth around you who are suffering in silence and are in need of ways to cope with the pain, download the HappYouth Toolkit here to learn tips on how you can help them curb their suffering and learn to live a happier life.

If you have pressing questions, need more help or are keen on the programmes we offer for HappYouth, please contact us here.