Group CEO Mr Delane Lim was invited to be part of the 30 consultative members to discuss about public health relating to smoking issues in Singapore with Minister Grace Fu who is also Singapore’s second minister for Environment & Water Resources as well as Foreign Affairs.

He shared the need to start a new page and the need to restart our policy if we want to curb the rise of youth smoking and how we can decrease impact of second hand smoking by not just enforcement or increasing designated smoking points (DSP). Singapore Management University shared that the campus has a number of DSPs and commented that they were helpful. However, Mr Delane Lim argued that

A) does having DPS help curb the increasing trends or

B) whether the number of smoking are decreasing based on enrollment to graduation in in universities.

C) whether are we encouraging smokers to smoke at DPS (also sending them a message unknowingly to tell them it’s okay to smoke as long as it is a DPS)

CEO also asked minister what is the government eventual outcome pertaining to smoking not just littering of the cig butts. He said, “I am glad we are on the right page in regards to smoking. So if the intent is for reduce (or remove) smoking, we need to start from this generation. We need to start somewhere to restart policies and make it mandatory for a tobacco free country and start advocating to the young the overall intent of Singapore Landscape on environment. We all agree that it takes time and collective efforts and is not about implementation and enforcement, is about community influence and education.”

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